The next generation of noise-cancelling drive-thru communication solutions from the leaders in durability.

Transform a noisy operations into an oasis of calm with 1.9 GHz of DECT Frequency.


  • Single and Dual Lane Capabilities
  • Touch Screen Controlled Base Station
  • 4 Levels of Digital Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation
  • Emergency Recording Functions
  • Register up to 32 Headsets with extended range
panasonic Attune II drive thru system
panasonic Attune II drive thru system
panasonic Attune II drive thru system

Dynamic Noise Suppression

Enhance your drive-thru or curbside pickup

Typical noise suppression eliminates low-frequency, steady, hums like droning fans and idling freezers. Attune suppresses all of those, plus sounds across the spectrum, including sounds that change in pitch and volume like sirens, beeping horns and kitchen chaos. Empower your staff members to speak with customers in a digitally enhanced quiet zone where they can communicate efficiently and get orders right the first time.

Trusted Durability

From the industry leaders in rugged

We build Attune systems with screws, not glue, so it’s easy to disassemble and repair. Benefit from completely sealed surfaces with seamless gaskets that keep out dirt, grease and water to protect against corrosion and short-circuiting.

Comfortable & Clean Design

With ease of operation in mind

Every button features raised surfaces that make it easy for employees to put their fingers on the right functions. With a lightweight design at under 100g, Attune also features rubber pads – which unlink foam pads, are easy to wipe down and keep sanitary.

Panasonic Attune Drive Thru System Features

Case Study

Panasonic Attune Connect case study


Panasonic Attune Connect brochure

Spec Sheet

Panasonic Attune Connect spec sheet