Serenade is a password protected web-based set of tools that allows users to manage audio content that resides in the PlayNetwork Combo™ C500 player. Serenade allows users to audition the music content as well as upload and deliver the promotional audio messages they want to hear at each specific location.
The PlayNetwork Combo™ C500 player (up to two zones) can be updated via any high speed connection or via its built-in CD drive. The Combo Player is a high-performance, commercial grade playback system.
Channel Suite 8-24-2011_8-58-33_AM
  • 15 business-appropriate music mixes
  • Switch between styled with the push of a button
  • Each channel is hen updated over the Internet or via CD-ROM on monthly basis in order to keep the music content fresh.
Business Mix Suite 
Create Your Unique Sound
  • Choose up to 5 Business Mixes
  • Choose form 200+ choices
  • Select % of each mix used
  • Blend together to create your unique sound
Master Suite
  • Includes Business Mix Suite Service and up to 4 more channels.
  • Dayparting is included at no additional cost.