DMX Mood

8-24-2011_8-15-44_AMDMX Music is a single-source provider, offering music, video, scent and messaging solutions, along with new Web and mobile applications to help businesses expand their reach.
The result? Our clients get completely immersive experiences that genuinely reflect their brands. They get integrated experiences, consistent and authentic everywhere they turn up. DMX solutions connect with customers, build loyalty and help businesses succeed. Discover what DMX can do for you.
Expertly designed music experiences set the mood and engage customers on an emotional level. On-site, online and on-the-go solutions to meet all of your needs.
Music Video & Stimuleye
HD imagery and music videos captivate, entertain and deliver that indispensable cool factor.
On-Hold & Mobile Marketing
Innovative messaging solutions help businesses stay in touch with customers on-site, on the phone and on the go.
Cutting-edge scent experiences help distinguish brands and foster powerful emotional bonds.