8-23-2011_4-10-13_PMA Sound Masking Analogy

Imagine that you are in a darkened room and a child is turning a flashlight on and off. The light is noticeable and distracting. Now imagine the lights are on. The same flashlight is being turned on and off—but is unnoticeable because it has been “masked.”  Sound masking works the same way.

8-23-2011_4-35-29_PMSound masking solutions are ideal for workspaces of any size – from large, multi-building campuses to modest offices.  The most typical installations are cubicle areas, private offices, public spaces and hallways.
Sound masking, similar to white noise, is an airflow-like background sound added to work environments to ensure privacy and productivity. This technology is specifically designed to cover speech, making workplace conversations more private and less distracting.
Ceiling-mounted direct-field emitters project a highly uniform sound.  The system is controlled via an on-box interface or intuitive networked software.
8-23-2011_4-35-55_PMQt PRO™ from Cambridge Sound Management
This multi-zone control unit integrates sound masking, paging and music into a single wall-mounted box.  One control unit provides coverage for up to 180,000 sq. ft. of workspace.
The “Greenest” System Available
Each zone on the Qt PRO™ uses a maximum of 8 W of power.  This is roughly equivalent to the power consumption of a nightlight – and significantly less than any comparable system!  As a result, Qt PRO™ has earned GreenSpec® approval.  Sound masking may also contribute to LEED® certification, earning points as part of the Innovation in Design category.